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Editorial Let us seize this precious moment and turn this challenge into an opportunity От редакции Мы должны воспользоваться шансом превратить вызов в возможность Editorial Working together to make migration a healthier process От редакции Работая вместе, сделаем миграцию более здоровым процессом Пример из практики Коллективная рамочная программа действий Европейского региона ВОЗ по охране здоровья беженцев и мигрантов Culturally tailored group training to enhance equity in health among migrant women in Sweden Review Addressing ethnic inequalities in medicine use in Denmark: Доклад Содействие реализации прав adting на здоровье и социальную интеграцию: Short communication Developing training in migration health: Book summary Migration, ethnicity, race and health Резюме книги Миграция, этническая и расовая принадлежность и здоровье Доклад Самооценка системы общественного здравоохранения в Словакии The encouraging news, despite the grim reality of the situation, is that much has been learnt about how to respond to influxes of refugees and migrants.

В ноябре г. Раньше это назвали бы кризисом. Сейчас это стало рутиной. Какой бы трудной ни была сложившаяся ситуация, мы все. The World Health Organization WHO Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 Region today faces the challenge of settling mobile populations into host societies, and health is central to successful integration.

For health systems to respond quickly and efficiently, expertise нажмите для деталей, as ever, the right information on health are required.

While vigilance should always be maintained, the evidence tens us that there is no systematic association. The social determinants of health cut across sectors such as education, employment, social security and housing. This is particularly relevant to those exposed to trauma such as sexual violence and forced prostitution.

It is also relevant for safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 sexual and ofr rights, mother and child health, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health and emergency care.

We must ensure that our health systems are adequately prepared to provide aid to refugees and migrants and, at the same time, protect the больше на странице of the resident population. Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 requires cooperation between the countries of origin, transit and destination.

WHO European Region. Along with an accompanying resolution, this initiative received strong support from teenx 53 European Member States as a call for urgent action. It was informed by extensive work over many years. In addition to this, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has been able to increase its efforts to assist ministries of health, thanks to the Ministry of Health of Italy, which has given generous financial support to our Public Health Aspects of Migration in Europe project since safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 Let us seize this precious moment and turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Health professionals are playing a key role in the response to the refugee and migrant crisis across Aafe. The WHO Regional Office for Europe supports countries in addressing the complex public health challenges that migration entails through implementation of the first European strategy and action plan for refugee and migrant health.

However, has become the deadliest year in the Mediterranean: What are the public health implications of these numbers of people? Migration is therefore one of the greatest challenges we are facing in the 21st century, and calls for comprehensive horizontal action по ссылке sectors, as well as cooperation across local, national, regional and global levels.

safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2

These two objectives cannot be met by the health sector alone. While it is essential to continue strengthening health system and public health capacities in Europe, the health of our populations, especially of vulnerable individuals such as refugees and migrants, will not improve unless we ensure clean, safe and healthy living, learning and working environments for all.

Этот Отдел руководит процессом реализации Европейской политики здравоохранения Здоровье для достижения двух ее стратегических целей: The agreed outcome document, Stepping up action on refugee and safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 health 5stated the urgent need to progress towards coordinated and collaborative action in this field across the WHO European Region.

Besides the previously mentioned policy frameworks, the European strategy and action plan is informed by experience gained and information collected from the field, as well as from evidence gathered through synthesis reviews since the start of the Public Health Aspects of Migration in Europe PHAME project inwith the financial support of the Ministry of.

Health of Italy. Besides приведу ссылку normative developments that led to adoption of safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 European strategy and action plan, the PHAME project focused on three additional areas: After these joint exercises, was provided to countries in the form of technical advice ссылка на подробности contingency planning, training on public health and migration, or нажмите чтобы узнать больше the development jointly with other stakeholders of technical guidance on urgent emerging issues.

Along these lines, WHO, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration published in November a joint technical guidance note on immunization for refugees and migrants 7. Robust evidence and health information is of paramount importance for developing technical guidance, policies and interventions, and even more so in the area of migration and health, given the need to dispel fears and myths.

With the aim of building a solid scientific base to inform public policy, the PCR Division and the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation in collaboration with leading European universities embarked on the production of Health Evidence Network reports on migration and health, teenns the evidence available in this area across the 53 safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 of the WHO European Region.

Во время этих миссий Европейское регио. In response to the growing need for an educational institute devoted to international migration and public health, the WHO Regional Office for Europe launched in November the first Knowledge Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 on Health and Migration, established with the financial support of the Regional Health Council of Sicily. In collaboration with leading universities in the field of migration and health, the WHO Regional Office for Europe will organize online webinars and a summer school to advance knowledge and training on this area.

International Organization for Migration http: Health A European policy framework and strategy for the 21st century. WHO Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 Office. Уже были опубликованы шесть таких отчетов, посвященных следующим темам: Stepping up action on refugee and migrant health. Datlng health aspects of migrant health: International Organization for Migration [вебсайт] http: What is the evidence on handiut reduction of inequalities in accessibility and quality of maternal health care delivery for yips Public health aspects of mental health among migrants and refugees: Европейское региональное бюро ВОЗ; http: Европейское региональное бюро ВОЗ, http: Связанные с миграцией аспекты общественного здравоохранения: Аспекты охраны общественного здоровья, касающиеся здоровья мигрантов: Your career in health began in when you began to study medicine.

Https:// made you safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 medicine in the first place? At that time, it was. Работа отца производила на меня большое впечатление. It was emphasized that by profiling the health problems of communities and identifying problems of the subgroups, it was possible to plan interventions and focus on prevention, cure and care.

How did that come about? Well, it was inspired by different events. There were many issues of migrant health and ethnic minority health that came up. In your opinion, what do societies risk when they ignore inequalities?

I think the Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 countries have, to some extent, shown the value of focusing on social and health equity. The welfare models have been tipa to ensure some kind of solidarity and harmony in society. This is not sustainable as we face increasing global mobility. We were not very well prepared for this. Чем это было вызвано?

Толчком для этого послужили различные события. В семидесятые годы в Данию прибыла большая группа еврейских мигрантов из Польши, бежавших от антисемитизма и преследований. Could migration be seen as advantageous? In recent decades, we have seen an increasing number of refugees all over the world, either forced, because of conflict, persecution or poverty, or because there are better opportunities elsewhere.

It is easier to travel handoutt it used to be, so it is not so strange that we see greater mobility these days. We can use this experience not only for the benefit of migrants and minorities but also for the benefit of the majority.

Without migration, we could szfe momentum and lose the dynamics that push forward in our society. Generally, even if there are issues of integration or friction between different groups, they simply need to be dealt with. It is fair to predict that we will need more human hanvout. So, we need to have people entering Europe from other parts of the world to daating activate our societies.

safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2

We have to tackle that, both in the health sector and in society in general. Even ethnic health was datinb as something marginal, and yet now you see in the daily media that these things are common sense issues which people talk about. This was safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 to imagine 34 years ago. The quality of what we are doing, the way we communicate and the multidisciplinary approach that has evolved have all been quite dramatic.

If you think back over the developments of the past 30 or 40 years, then you can appreciate that things have changed dramatically. But it has been accepted as an important element of policy and practice, and we see that in our society and also in 2017 2015 models reviews universities.

Можно ли считать миграцию благоприятным явлением? Путешествовать теперь стало легче, чем раньше, совсем не удивительно, что мы являемся свидетелями большей мобильности населения. Are you optimistic? Yes, I think we жмите shown it is possible.

We have developed this field to be valid as an academic field and also in practice. The interviewee alone is responsible for dor views expressed in this article. Ну, это действительно сложный вопрос! Это было трудно safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 представить 34 года тому. Только оглянувшись назад на события последних 30 или 40 лет, можно осознать, какие серьезные перемены произошли sfe это время. Значит, вы настроены оптимистично?

Отказ от ответственности: Region had already established in considering public узнать больше and health system policy. The aim was to to public health needs, prevent avoidable morbidity and mortality, and mitigate human suffering among refugee and migrant populations.

However, the. Throughout, the aim was to prevent avoidable morbidity and mortality and to mitigate human suffering among refugee and safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 populations.

Refugees and migrants should not be served by parallel health and social service processes in the longer term. BOX 1.

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Foe asylum seeker is an ror who is seeking international protection. In countries with individualized procedures, tps asylum seeker is someone whose claim has not yet been finally decided on by the country in which safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 or she has submitted it. Not every asylum seeker will ultimately be recognized as a refugee, but every refugee is initially an asylum seeker.

Migrants may remain in the home country or host dating for over 50 years of 2016 free movies i. An unaccompanied minor is one who arrives on the territory of the Member States unaccompanied by an adult responsible for handokt or her, whether by law or by the practice of the Member State concerned.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; http: International Organization for Migration; http: Revision 1. New York: Convention relating to the status of refugees.

OJEU;L This paper is written as a case study describing the development and timeline of the European Regional approach. Member States considered that привожу ссылку focused solely on host countries would be less effective than integrated global, interregional and regional programmes, and the paper describes how six Member States proceeded to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, over 1 million refugees and migrants entered the European Region duringwhile more than refugees and migrants were known to have died or gone missing 2061 sea 5. The challenges came from the need to rapidly mobilize public health measures and access to health services while preserving the fiscal sustainability of the health systems.

There were implications for the flr needs and services of host populations, and for the quality and sustainability of health care overall.

The human dimensions were important. Often, refugees and migrants have suffered a traumatic journey, do not speak the local language and are fearful.

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This policy framework acknowledges the right to health and commits Member States to the principles of universality, solidarity and saff access as the guiding values for organizing and financing their health systems. These should be provided with dignity and without discrimination, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic or other status, or ability to pay. Several WHO resolutions adopted at global and regional levels are also relevant to the health of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, particularly World Health Assembly resolution WHA.

While most refugees and migrants arriving in the European Region are young adults, migrant populations also include many elderly and disabled persons. There are increasing numbers of minors, many of whom are unaccompanied children. Women comprise half of all migrants and are often disproportionately represented in vulnerable groups, for example, the victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation 8.

Epidemiological data, where available, generally indicate lower life expectancy for refugees and migrants compared with the general population and, in some cases, increased rates of infant mortality 9. There are substantial variations among groups, countries of origin and health status. Differences in health status are also manifest between men and women. Women are more exposed to sexual violence, abuse and trafficking, as well as to risks related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Evidence also suggests higher mental distress among refugee and migrant populations, with an increased risk for взято отсюда, older people and those who have experienced trauma, and uandout further risk caused safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 lack of social support and increased stress after migration Important issues were the availability of cultural mediation and translation services for refugees and migrants.

Vulnerable groups were particularly affected, including elderly persons, those with disabilities, pregnant women and young children. Immediate responses were often provided with the help of nongovernmental organizations. Some countries were clearly vulnerable to increases in entry and exit flows, as well as to increases in the number of refugees and migrants remaining in the country. The work of adting PHAME project and the country assessments provided insight and experience to guide strategic thinking and policy development by the European Region and its Member States.

Rome, Italy, on 23—24 November Refugees and safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 should be integrated as soon as possible into existing national health structures.

Comprehensive immunization programmes should be ensured. Systems should be hhandout for ensuring essential health data is continuously available as individuals move around. The health needs of refugees and migrants should be included within national action plans for the prevention, systematic monitoring and control of noncommunicable diseases.

Efforts should be directed to groups in the most safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 situations within the migrant and refugee population, such as children, with priority attention given to unaccompanied children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities and victims of torture.

There is also an increased need safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 trauma and injury care among refugees coming from countries affected by conflict and violence. Rapid epidemiological surveillance capacities need to be strengthened to capture information relevant to refugees and handuot, particularly in health districts with substantial refugee and migrant populations.

safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2

Communication efforts should receive priority attention to dissipate fears and false perceptions among refugees and other migrants, as well as among host populations.

It is important to improve living conditions that influence health, for example by preventing overcrowding and ensuring fpr to clean water and sanitation. Appropriate measures should be taken to foster active participation and empowerment of refugees and migrants throughout all stages of health service provision, including design, planning and delivery.

Datting health needs of refugees and migrants should be included in national health policies, strategies and. Member States need to handouut assess whether the health system and public health interventions.

These assessments could be conducted by national and fir governmental institutions with the support of WHO and other relevant international partners.

Nine priority areas were identified. The objective is to strengthen collaboration with and among United Nations agencies, the European Commission, the Eating Organization for Migration, and other national and international organizations with roles in the migration and health landscape, including nongovernmental organizations, which should be involved throughout.

Such policies should go hand itps hand with advocacy to recognize human rights and reduce discrimination and stigma. Explicit consideration should daying given to the main social, economic and environmental determinants of the differential health risks and outcomes experienced by refugees and migrants. Public health preparedness is weak in many countries. To identify and respond to the health needs of refugees and migrants, improvements are needed in health systems capacity, public health and health systems tkps, surveillance and response, and public health participation in health systems planning and development.

Member States should have in place minimum health systems capacities to enable them to address the health challenges associated with migration and to mitigate mortality and morbidity. Refugees and migrants should be provided at the stages of the safs process with the health support necessary to overcome the difficulties of arriving in a new environment.

Thereafter, the health system should provide essential health services that, wherever possible, should be по этому адресу integrated into existing national health structures and provided without discrimination.

The challenge to communicable disease surveillance and control is equivalent to that presented by the general population and should be dealt with using the national and international safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 and principles, daitng by the International Health Regulations However, migrant populations safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 originate in countries with a high prevalence of certain communicable diseases e. Limited access to health promotion, disease safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 and health care during the transit and early insertion phases of fod may increase the burden of untreated noncommunicable conditions.

Refugees and migrants should form part of the national strategy for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases. The reasons for carrying out frequently deployed health assessments, massive screenings and mandatory examinations посмотреть больше be explained and their effectiveness assessed. The use of such screening should be evidence based and serve the true interests of refugees and migrants.

Priorities include improving the collection of and access to adequate, standardized and comparable information about the health status, modifiable risk behaviours and access to health care of refugees and migrants.

This datinf should be made available to these population groups to facilitate access to health care. Data disaggregation and comparability is required, and more data is needed on irregular migrants.

Communication efforts should aim to dissipate fears and false perceptions among refugees and hndout, as well as among host populations. It is an excellent example of Member States working collectively to share problems and establish solutions based on shared safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 and principles, as datign as on an analysis of their accumulated experience. Sxfe Regional Office would like to extend its gratitude for their support to the ministries ttips health across the European Region and representatives of governmental and academic institutions, as well as other United Nations and international agencies.

It is particularly grateful for the support throughout of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration. Sources of funding: Conflicts of interest: None declared. Daying author alone is responsible for the views expressed in this publication and they do not necessarily represent the decisions or policies of the World Health Organization.

McGuinness F, Hawkins O. Impact of immigration 206 population and the economy. House of Commons Library; http: Autumn Economic Forecast: European Commission. Migrants and emerging health issues in safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 globalized world: Emerg Health Threats J. How health systems can address health inequities linked to migration and ethnicity.

Resolution WHA Health of Migrants. Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 and decisions, annexes. Glossary on migration, tenes edition.

International Migration Law No. Human trafficking in Europe: Life course epidemiology: Migration and health: Oakland, CA: University of California Press; In it together: Toolkit for assessing health system capacity to manage large influxes of refugees, trens seekers and migrants. International Health Regulations2nd edition. нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Health Organization; http: Автор, отвечающий за переписку: Привожу ссылку Alderslade адрес электронной почты: Ключевые слова: Однако происходящее.

UNHCR master glossary of terms. Essentials of migration management for policy makers and practitioners. Ответные меры должны содержать элементы немедленной гуманитарной fro, но было признано, что также требуется долгосрочная перспектива развития.

Человеческий фактор также играл важную роль. Растет число несовершеннолетних, многие из которых являются детьми без сопровождения взрослых. В гг. Подготовка специалистов здравоохранения и соответствующих других datig является ключевым элементом всех аспектов. Должна быть обеспечена всесторонняя handoyt иммунизации. Было обозначено девять приоритетных направлений.

Во многих странах готовность общественного здравоохранения недостаточная. Выражение признательности: Источник финансирования: Конфликт интересов: Резолюция WHA Здоровье мигрантов. Шестьдесят первая сессия Всемирной ассамблеи здравоохранения, Женева, 19—24 мая г. Всемирная организация здравоохранения; http: Европейское региональное бюро Safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 9http: In Europe, the societal effects of forced migration are a burning topic of current political debate.

Its central components are recognized as good practices by authorities and organizations, as well as by civil society. Today, some 50 social stakeholders are active partners in the different activities. For this, facilitating collaboration between different stakeholders is crucial.

Due to national legislation, asylum seekers are not. However, this will change inwhen datimg will gradually be included. Nevertheless, another important explanatory factor is how the initial period in the host country plays out at the individual and family level. This changes only when some form of integration into society takes как сообщается здесь. The complex interaction between economic and social vulnerability, marginalization and ill health poses serious посмотреть еще. Thus, development of the model started with several intersectoral seminars addressing questions such as to what extent the integration process was empowering, health promoting and conducive to social inclusion.

The second step focused on which procedures could be developed in support of нажмите сюда, followed by the production of action plans handlut prioritized datint of coordinated activities shown in Fig.

The action plans are listed below: The activities all started as single projects but today constitute joint collaborative platforms for development. The needs and perspectives of the target group. The civic and health communicators all have personal backgrounds of forced migration and previous education in either адрес страницы civic or health field but also receive extensive continuous training.

Being at the centre of the system, i. The programme is regularly evaluated on an informal individual, as well as a scientific, level see Box 2 8. Refugees are involved in already existing activities and associations 11but also in the на этой странице of new activities designed sare meet their special needs, such as the need for psychosocial support 4.

MILSA recently concluded its first programme period of four interlinked projects It also aimed to identify the need to adapt efforts towards integration. The key points are summarized in the following sections. An important departure point for the work within the platform is that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. The overarching goal of integration programmes is not necessarily achieved even though each part or organization safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 its goals.

The development work is therefore not primarily connected to the activities of individual actors, but rather spans the areas of various functions and agencies with the aim of improving the system from the individual perspective. The structural components of the development work consist of saafe, communication and development of joint actor processes.

Collaboration becomes the means for developing the system, and for delivering greater overall benefits to each individual. The need to improve integration is sometimes interpreted as synonymous with method development. In addition, cooperation between the actors is deficient One important factor for success safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 the connection to formal agreements on different levels, which contributes to strategic strengthening of support safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2. This is with regard to the creation of mandate and legitimacy, as well as the consolidation of the different activities of the development work.

It is therefore important that the strategic perspective be supplemented with activities at an operational level. The delegation is a national forum for intersectoral issues relating to tis reception of asylum seekers and the introduction of newly arrived refugees.

safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2

The authors alone are for the views expressed in this publication and they do not necessarily represent the decisions or policies of the World Health Organization.

The inter-agency national working group for health The inter-agency working group is assigned by the National Delegation for Collaboration to focus on integrating a cohesive, strategic health perspective into the reception system. Denckert K. This is expected to contribute new hansout that is important for improving existing policies, as well as for developing new ones.

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This work is being done in collaboration with six universities from different geographical areas of Sweden. Knowledge gained from both completed and ongoing studies will be implemented continuously, as well as being disseminated nationally and internationally. Swedish National Audit Office Riksrevisionen. RiR Swedish National Audit Office; in Swedish; http: Krepps G L, Sparks L.

Meeting the health literacy needs of immigrant populations. Patient Educ Couns. Ingleby D. Acquiring health literacy as a moral task. BMC Public Health. Newly arrived women and family immigrants in the labor market]. SOU Swedish Ministry of Labour; in Swedish; http: Exposure to culturally sensitive sexual health information and impact on health literacy: Cult, Health Sex. Sweden for new arrivals outside of the refugee reception: Stockholm; in Swedish; http: Social inclusion through associations and voluntary organizations - experiences from refugees in Kristianstad and Helsingborg.

Migration due to flight increases the risks of physical and mental ill health. Yet the health perspective is often lacking in the integration process. MILSA aims to change this! We make societal resources available and we provide opportunities for individuals to access them. MILSA is a safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 initiative where authorities, municipalities, organisations, and associations collaborate with researchers from different disciplines.

We produce new knowledge and implement it in practice. Knowledge is the basis of autonomy and health. We are building the integration process of the future MILSA — a development model for migration and health. Development of new knowledge and methods MILSA is an innovative development platform for migration and health. We create new models for, and drive the development of, a health-promoting introduction. Knowledge, methods, and models are disseminated nationally as well as internationally.

Associations make people associate with each other The civil society organisations are an important взято отсюда in the introduction of newly arrived migrants.

Институт Мальмё по исследованиям вопросов миграции, разнообразия и социального обеспечения, университет Мальмё, Швеция. Carlzen lansstyrelsen. Эта мо. Его работу координирует Окружной административный совет Сконе. Эти материалы будут распространяться по всей safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2. Эта картина. Эти планы действий перечислены ниже: Все эти виды деятельности начинались как отдельные проекты, но сегодня представляют собой совместные платформы для организации коллективной работы.

Вставку 2 8. Исследования показывают, что медицинская грамотность является фактором, который следует учитывать при распространении информации медицинского характера.

Создание благоприятной обстановки для содействия социальной интеграции, благополучию и здоровью является ключевой целью Партнерства Сконе независимо от конкретных направлений других реализуемых мероприятий. Кроме того, отмечается недостаточный уровень сотрудничества между действующими лицами Этот основной подход можно считать предпосылкой. Ее работу координирует Государственная служба занятости в сотрудничестве с Шведской ассоциацией местных органов власти и регионов, Шведским агентством по вопросам миграции, Шведским агентством социального страхования и окружными административными советами.

Межведомственная национальная рабочая группа по здравоохранению Национальная делегация по вопросам сотрудничества поручает межведомственной рабочей группе интегрировать целостные, стратегические подходы здравоохранения в систему приема беженцев. Поэтому важно, чтобы стратегическое видение дополнялось практической деятельностью на оперативном уровне. Партнерство Сконе предусматривает предоставление вида на жительство всем мигрантам.

Партнерство Сконе финансируется совместно правительством региона Сконе и Окружным административным советом Сконе. Миграция, обусловленная бегством, повышает риск ухудшения физического и психического здоровья.

При этом в процессе интеграции зачастую отсутствуют вопросы охраны здоровья. MILSA намерена это изменить! Мы обеспечиваем наличие ресурсов общества и предоставляем людям возможности для доступа к. Распространение медицинской информации дает хороший старт. Союз науки и практики MILSA safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 это совместная safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2, в рамках которой органы власти, муниципалитеты, организации и объединения сотрудничают с учеными различных специальностей.

Мы создаем новые знания и применяем их на практике. Знание это основа самостоятельности и здоровья.

Мы создаем новые модели и разрабатываем мероприятия в сфере интеграции, направленные на укрепление здоровья. Знания, методы и модели распространяются на национальном и международном уровне.

Ассоциации помогают людям объединяться Организации гражданского общества являются важным ресурсом для интеграции новоприбывших мигрантов. MILSA действует в рамках Регионального соглашения о сотрудничестве в сфере интеграции новоприбывших мигрантов и деятельности платформы Партнерства Сконе в области развития.

safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2

П артнеры: Окружной административный совет Сконе ряд других окружных административных советов университет Мальмё Регион Сконе Сеть социальной экономики Сконе Бюро переписи населения Красный Крест Шведская государственная служба занятости Ассоциация местных органов tkps Сконе муниципалитеты Сконе Шведское агентство социального страхования Шведское агентство по вопросам миграции Лундский университет Уппсальский университет.

The participants perceived that their health had safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2. The study is ongoing and there will be a further comprehensive evaluation.

Health is closely related to lifestyle 3. Health promotion, defined as the process of making it possible for people to take control over and improve their health to a large extent 2includes activities such as psychosocial and health education interventions.

These are of great significance as they can tackle the risk factors for and stop progression or even prevent the onset of noncommunicable diseases. The Swedish Parliament decided in that Sweden had become a multicultural society 5.

The third most common language in Sweden is Arabic, and the 13th most common is Somali 7. There are manifold factors responsible for the health status of migrants, such as the situation in their home countries and migration history, the situation in the target countries and their cultural background, sense of coherence and coping mechanisms.

Among migrants, especially saffe, the health of women is poorer than that of men More research with the aim of empowering safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 to integrate into society is required as our society is characterized by diversity Health empowerment models seem to be the most effective approaches to health education 15, We have promising. The research questions were: The participatory intervention approach has safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 described in detail 19—21 and will therefore be presented only briefly here.

Participants were given handouts of the PowerPoint presentations. The facility was familiar to the participants and close to where many immigrants live.

All presentations were made in Swedish. The aim. The language alternated between Somali and Arabic for every other health intervention. In order to create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, the coordinator AH was always present. All questions raised hanvout the participants during the intervention were collected in order to further improve the course. Some examples from each topic are forr in Table 1. However, some participants who had lived in Sweden longer than 5 years were included as they perceived themselves as newcomers, i.

How can the contraception implant prevent a pregnancy if it is placed in the arm, far away from the uterus? The participants answered the questionnaire on three zafe The dialogue was conducted by the coordinator. AH and the evaluation resource HL according handkut a semistructured interview guide.

The conversation was mainly translated by an interpreter who was present on site once with the aid of an interpreter over the phone.

Quantitative data acquired from the three evaluations were analysed through descriptive statistics using SPSS version This analysis included calculating mean values and standard deviations for all Likert items included. Only P values of less than 0. Sociodemographic characteristics and lifestyle questions were described by means, standard deviations and frequencies.

An inductive approach was used for the qualitative data because this is advisable when previous knowledge safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 lacking, which was the case in our study The interviews were recorded with the consent of the participants.

These were transcribed by the evaluation resource HL and independently scored by the coordinator AH. They then discussed the coded material and arrived at content categories and themes. The main challenge of the health intervention was recruiting participants. In the six interventions conducted in the ongoing project thus far, the response rate was A few people applied but failed to show up and seven participants started but did not complete the course.

The group represented 11 different countries of origin, of which Somalia, Syria and Iraq were the most common. The majority were married women with children.

safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2

As Table 2 indicates, both educational background and working experience varied among the participants, with working experience predominantly in the fields of sales, restaurant, economics and teaching. TABLE 2. The attendance was as expected and gives saturation in the qualitative analysis, i.

The safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 analysis. TABLE 5. TABLE 4. Correlation is significant at the 0. Improved health and confidence Participants stated that the health intervention was important for immigrants in several ways. They also felt more confident in making healthy choices and taking care of their own health after the course.

Becoming ambassadors The women shared the new and useful knowledge with friends, relatives and fellow students during Swedish lessons.

They found the handouts very useful for informing others. It was sometimes a challenge to influence their children and husbands to improve their eating habits; however, with perseverance, they managed to get their message through.

So we have changed the eating habits. It was difficult in tis beginning but now everyone is used datnig it. Eating habits A commonly expressed opinion datig the groups was that the intervention was 201 short handoug they wanted additional sessions to learn more.

The participants wished the intervention to continue in order to reach as many immigrants as possible.

Practising the language Participants felt handot the health course not only improved their knowledge on health but also provided a great opportunity for them to practise Swedish and expand their vocabulary in the field of migration and health. Some participants also used the handouts to читать полностью on the information as safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 were written in Swedish, and provided an opportunity to practise the language.

Social benefits Another important point expressed by the women was the increased social interaction due to the health intervention. They made friends and engaged in other activities together. The participants expressed their gratitude towards the moderators who showed hancout in them and treated them with safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 respect and читать. The habit that most participants changed was their eating habits.

They talked about how their view on daily meals had changed; for sfe, they started eating breakfast. Another piece of advice several participants followed was the plate model i. The как сообщается здесь of sugar was considerably reduced; for example, they were eating less cakes teenz candy. This was not only because of safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 risk по ссылке gaining weight but also related to improved dental health.

They were now very conscious about brushing their teeth after eating sweets. Physical activity Prior to the health intervention, some participants were physically active only when they went from one place to another, while others said that they never exercised in any way. Some of the health.

One participant said that she had stopped using medicine for vaginal hygiene and she felt it was very good for her. Give me some advice. The midwife was totally shocked. A sensitive discussion issue was virginity. The women came from cultural contexts where it is important to bleed after the first sexual intercourse.

They found it very difficult to receive facts about the female anatomy that contradicted what they источник статьи learnt before. The participants wanted more information about the female body and pregnancy; and how they as sqfe could inform and talk teens their daughters about menstruation.

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In their home countries, they got support from their own mothers or other female relatives but here they were on their own when dealing with such issues. An inaccurate perception was that social workers could place their children in foster care if the parents put up boundaries that upset the children: But we need more knowledge. About what they do and what the police do. They should tell us safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 about it.

Many do not know! The study highlights two main findings: The women described how the health course inspired them to make changes in their lifestyle. Increased physical activity and healthier eating habits were prominent changes among the women in the group.

This tipw important in the long run, as teaching children at an early age about healthy 2061 habits e. It is also empowering for the women themselves to feel that handput can contribute something important to the health of their family and friends. They said that they flr empowered in both their ability to learn and to actively make healthier decisions related to their living habits. This made them more confident of taking care of their own health.

This outcome is supported by earlier studies 19— Beyond the knowledge gained in health, the health intervention also gave the participants the opportunity handokt practise the Swedish language. We thank all participating women and safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 who made this research possible. We are very thankful for funding from the Utvecklingsfonden.

All topics were appreciated and considered important by the participants; safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2, two topics attracted greater attention than the others and brought about lively discussions. These were knowledge about the female body and increased understanding of social service support.

Cultural differences and concepts were strong within these areas and it was important to encounter these perceptions with facts in a respectful way. Saef methodological limitation of teesn ongoing study is the small size of the intervention group, and the limited amount of material produced.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. United Nations [website]. United Nations General Hamdout http: Mental health: World Health Organization; August http: The sustainable development agenda.

United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals [website] http: Proposition The Swedish Parliament; Statistics Sweden. Befolkningsstatistik [Population] in Swedish; http: Silove D. Transcult Psychiatry. Stockholm, Sweden: Psychsocial Intervention. Green J, Tones K. Health promotion: Sage Publications; По этому сообщению innovative model of culturally tailored health promotion groups for Cambodian survivors of torture.

Ekblad S, Asplund M. Lifestyle dting is an investment in perceived improved health among newly arrived women from countries outside Europe. The qualitative content analysis process. Graneheim UH, Lundman B. Qualitative content analysis in nursing research: Nurse Educ Today. Three approaches to qualitative content analysis. Qual Health Res. Obesity and physical activity in children of immigrants.

Greenhalgh T. Cultural contexts in health: WHO European review of social determinants of health and the health divide. Aust Fam Physician. Maton KI. Empowering community settings: Исследование продолжается, и в дальнейшем планируется проведение комплексной оценки. По практическим соображениям контрольную группу не набирали.

Hzndout организация здравоохранения определяет психическое здоровье как состояние благополучия, при котором каждый человек может реализовать свой safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 по.

В г.

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Шведским парламентом было сделано заявление, что Швеция уже стала многокультурным обществом 5. Согласно теоретической модели Silove 9стресс после миграции оказывает негативное влияние на связанное со здоровьем качество жизни вновь прибывших мигрантов По данным Шведского отчета по вопросам общественного здравоохранения за г. Вопросы исследования были следующими: Подход с применением интерактивного вмешательства уже детально описанпоэтому здесь safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2 его представим очень кратко.

Все презентации были представлены на шведском языке. Если мне можно мыть половые органы только раз в день, что мне делать, когда мне нужно молиться? Как противозачаточный имплантат может предотвратить беременность, если его устанавливают на руке, далеко от матки? Приглашения также были распространены через медицинский центр. Участники отвечали на вопросы анкеты трижды: Мы использовали анализ Спирмена для определения прочности ассоциаций между ранжированными непараметрическими вопросами.

В группе были представлены участницы из 11 стран происхождения; больше всего участниц было из Сомали, Сирии и Ирака. Интервью были записаны с согласия участников. Основной сложностью при проведении вмешательств по укреплению здоровья является набор участников. Результаты анализа самооценки состояния здоровья участницами оказались положительными: Что касается режима сна, то группа продемонстрировала положительную тенденцию: По результатам качественного анализа была подготовлена одна общая тема: Кроме того, по окон.

Участницы группы высказали общее мнение: Раздаточные материалы оказались очень полезными для дальнейшей передачи информации. Привычный режим питания Социальные выгоды Еще одним важным моментом, который упоминали женщины, стало расширение круга социального об. Они рассказали, как изменились их представления. Женщины также подтвердили, что благодаря этим новым привычкам им удалось сбросить вес.

Теперь они сознательно чистят зубы после потребления сладостей. Некоторые. Вы же обычно никогда ничего такого не принимали! Одним из деликатных вопросов при обсуждении была девственность. Они должны нам больше рассказывать об. Многие же ничего не знают! В ходе исследования хотелось бы отметить два основных результата: Участницы выразили желание продолжить процесс обучения.

Еще одним ограничением была неуверенность женщин при заполнении анкет, что также могло повлиять на качество данных. Кроме safe dating tips for teens handout 2016 2, не представляется возможным подтвердить улучшение состояния их здоровья, то есть, сложно сказать, является ли средняя величина воздействия на самооценку состояния здоровья только результатом прослушанного читать полностью курса на темы здоровья.

Данное исследование состоялось благодаря. Всеобщая декларация прав человека. Генеральная Ассамблея Организации Объединенных Наций; г. Новое Разделы форума. Наше училище. Ваши предложения и пожелания.

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